BLESSINGS 2 & 4 U is my greeting & my wish for you on this page, especially in the areas of physical, mental, & spiritual well-being. If you are thriving in those facets of your life you should be one happy, healthy, worry-free individual and the envy of those around you who are plagued by stress, dis-ease, worry and a host of other concerns. Providing relief for this latter group is my concern & endeavor thus making this world a better place.                                   MY 81 YRS. on this planet have not been without doubt,worry, fear, and intrepidation, which I have had to deal with and find solutions for and will share here; thus perhaps saving someone from what I went through.                                   RHEUMATIC FEVER KEPT ME IN THE VA HOSP FOR 6WEEKS many years ago which I would not have had to go through I'm sure if I had known then what I know now. I have since cured myself of gout,cancer,sinus problems, in a matter of days with minimal pain and less than $50 out of pocket. I have kicked the flu and food related stomach problems several times within a couple of hrs. without the need of a doctor or other " health professional". I haven't been to one in 20 yrs.                                                                 THE PROTOCOL I USED CAN BE LEARNED BY ANYONE WHO CAN FOLLOW SIMPLE DIRECTIONS IN A COUPLE OF HRS. AND YOU CAN BUY ENOUGH INGREDIENTS FOR SEVERAL PEOPLE FOR SEVERAL MONTHS FOR UNDER $50 & IT HANDLES 90% OF KNOWN DISEASES CAUSED BY BACTERIA,PATHOGENS & VIRUS. GO TO WWW.JIMHUMBLE.BIZ  OR WWW. MIRACLEMINERALS.COM