ROY's blog ROY's blog en-us Sun, 20 Jun 2021 20:04:27 PDT Sun, 20 Jun 2021 20:04:27 PDT FUNDRAISER LAUNCH Genesis II Church FOR  PHYSICAL HEALING This is to announce that the Jim Humble e-books affiliate program has now been launched. You can read the details below, but first, I want to give you a little background. Fortunately, we have been able to do some good in this world, even with very little or no financial backing.  We now have more than 1300 Ministers of Health in more than 100 countries who, for the most part, educate people free of charge.  This has happened because the ministers have paid for their own training.  Our Health Ministers help thousands of people regain their health, with the hope that people will appreciate the help and give back through making a donation.  Sadly, THE DONATION OFTEN DOES NOT HAPPEN.  We have learned that when the pain is gone, people do not like to remember or have anything to do with it. In any case, lack of funding compelled us to seek ways to raise funds so that we can continue helping others to spread the news and educate people about MMS.  With the ministers that we have, we are in a position to help millions and millions of people worldwide who are suffering from a wide range of illness from rare diseases down to the common cold.  Take malaria for example, it is hard to believe, but with MMS,  a malaria victim regains his health in 4 hours.  That’s right, 4 hours.  I assure you, to witness this happening firsthand is an amazing event.  One of the worse diseases of mankind is cured in a few hours and the victim gets up out of bed and walks home.  The cost to cure one person of malaria is about 5 cents worth of Chlorine Dioxide (MMS).  However, you must factor in the cost of delivering that 5 cents worth of Chlorine Dioxide to the victims.  The cost to send Health Ministers out to the people is another matter . By partaking in my new affiliate program and helping to sell my books, you can help us deliver MMS to the diseased—because that is where the money will be spent—to help spread the word, to educate people about MMS, and to help people heal.  Whatever money comes in is spent for the benefit of mankind.  I take only my expenses and the rest goes to make the Church work.  With MMS, there are more people cured per dollar than by any other healing technology. JIM'S published offerings  here: HTTP://JHBOOKS.ORG/EBOOKS#OID=1158_3 2014-10-21 23:30:51 EXPERIENCE THROUGH  THE  YEARS  I'VE  LEARNED  THE  FOLLOWING ;                         I'VE LEARNED THAT NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, OR HOW BAD IT SEEMS TODAY , LIFE GOES ON AND IT WILL BE BETTER TOMORROW.         I'VE LEARNED THAT YOU CAN TELL A  LOT ABOUT A PERSON BY THE  WAY HE/SHE HANDLES: A RAINY DAY, LOST LUGGAGE ,& TANGLED XMAS TREE LIGHTS,.                                                                             I'VE LEARNED THAT REGARDLESS OF YOUR  RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR PARENTS ,YOU'LL MISS THEM WHEN THEY'RE GONE FROM        YOUR LIFE    .                                                                                                              I'VE LEARNED THAT MAKING A LIVING IS NOT THE SAME AS MAKING A LIFE.                                                                                                           I'VE LEARNED THAT LIFE SOMETIMES GIVES YOU A SECOND CHANCE .                                                                                                                        I'VE LEARNED THAT YOU SHOULDN'T GO THROUGH LIFE WITH A CATCHER'S MITT ON BOTH HANDS : YOU NEED  TO BE ABLE TO THROW SOME THINGS BACK.                                                                                     I'VE LEARNED THAT EVERY DAY YOU SHOULD REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE. PEOPLE LOVE A WARM HUG  OR JUST A FRIENDLY PAT  ON THE BACK.                                                                                                     I'VE LEARNED THAT PEOPLE WILL FORGET  WHAT YOU SAID , PEOPLE WILL FORGET  WHAT YOU DID ,BUT PEOPLE WILL NEVER FORGET HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL.                                                                   AND HOW'S YOUR DAY???                                                                                  2013-03-30 02:30:40